Travla Low Carb 3.5% Lager Can 375ml 24pk 24 * 375ml

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Travla Low Carb Mid-Strength Lager is a refreshing and lighter beer option that caters to those seeking a reduced-carbohydrate and lower-alcohol content beverage. With its focus on balancing flavor and health-conscious choices, Travla offers a satisfying mid-strength lager without compromising on taste. This low carb mid-strength lager presents a clear and pale golden appearance in the glass, accompanied by a frothy white head. The aroma is clean and crisp, with subtle malt notes and a touch of hops. On the palate, Travla Low Carb Mid-Strength Lager delivers a smooth and easy-drinking experience. The flavor profile strikes a balance between light malt sweetness and a gentle hop bitterness, resulting in a refreshing and satisfying taste. The beer has a moderate body and a moderate carbonation level, making it enjoyable and sessionable. Travla Low Carb Mid-Strength Lager is specifically crafted for those seeking a lower-carbohydrate option and a reduced alcohol content. It provides a lighter and more moderate drinking experience while still delivering the classic flavors and refreshing qualities associated with lagers. Ideal for social gatherings, active lifestyles, or simply enjoying a beer with fewer carbohydrates and alcohol, Travla Low Carb Mid-Strength Lager offers a satisfying choice for those seeking a lighter alternative. Indulge in the balanced flavors and the conscious approach to your beer consumption with Travla Low Carb Mid-Strength Lager.

Product Details

Alcohol By Volume 3.5%
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